Background situation

We have seen, over the last half-century, a deliberate process of reduction of men's rights within the family. This has been a relentless process, with right after right removed, both by illegal judicial decisions and by Acts of Parliament. The major developments are well described in our publications pages.

Associated with this has been the rise of men's and father's organisations. As these developments have affected men over the entire Western World, so such groups have formed over all of the Western World. Our links pages give examples of their websites.

We describe the situation primarily as it affects men in the UK :

In 1989 Dads after Divorce was founded by four men, each of whom had been the victim of engineered divorce petitions alleging their unreasonable behaviour. DADs was involved in the establishment of the Cheltenham Group (CG). DADS later amalgamated with the UKMM. DADs was formed largely as a response to The United Kingdom Divorce Racket.

The Child Support Act was passed in 1990. The concealed agenda behind the act was to force non liable persons pay the social security benefits of legal strangers. Fathers completely accept that children need to be supported financially and to be cared for by BOTH parents.

However fathers object to being financially crippled in supporting an ex spouse who divorced them and took away their children that they are hardly ever allowed to see. It is this matter relating to the Children's Issues that is the most contentious area of divorce.

In 1996 The Family Law Act received its third reading. This bill basically established in law the concept of No-Fault Divorce i.e. that divorce should take place on the basis of UNILATERAL UNSUBSTANTIATED DEMAND.

The Cheltenham Group was founded in July 1994 to rally all the forces in the UK, and has voluntarily associated with the United Kingdom Men's Movement (UKMM).