Human rights for men

Get the information you need about this important area.

Some heroes within the men's and father's groups who have tried to get changes


Dr Mike Pelling : attempts to ensure that men have the right to have a friend in court, but was turned down.

Mark Harris : application to the European Court of Human Rights and direct action against those responsible.

The Cheltenham Group's response to the Promoting inter-agency working in the family justice system

proposals from the Lord Chancellor's Department.

The Cheltenham Group's response to the Making Contact Work

proposals from the Children Act Sub-committee of the LCD's Advisory Board on Family Law.

Corruption and lack of control

in matrimonial and family law


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Can you believe that major components of the legal system are out on control of responsible authority ?

- read about this shocking state of affairs for yourself :

Advice available to defend yourself  - as best you can -

in our publication :

Divorce : The facts you need to know ...But might not be told by a lawyer


NAPO 'Anti-sexism' Policy

Our campaign against this so-called 'anti-sexism' policy - the most sexist and, as it affects father's rights over their very own children, the most evil policy in this country.

A description of the campaign and the lack of available remedies.

A campaign against the Court Welfare Service exposing the reality of what they do - and what they don't do but should.


INPOWw's Campaign.

Do Families Matter ?

a response from the Cheltenham Group to the report Family Matters from the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, 15 July 1998

- understand for yourself just how major policy makers ignore the most important issues concerned with the family

- and appreciate how no recent Government has taken any steps to support the family, unless you define 'family' as a woman and her children, and whichever 'partner' she cares to live with from time to time

Are we Supporting Families ?

a response from the Cheltenham Group to

Supporting Families : A Consultation Document from the Ministeral Group on the Family, late 1998

understand for yourself that Ministerial Groups can be :

- confused and pathetic

- or that they do not actually want to assist the family at all

The Cheltenham Group's response to the request Teenage Parenthood of 7 October 1998 from the Cabinet Office's Social Exclusion Unit.

Who do they think are socially excluded ?

Is it men from the family ? You've guessed it !


CG submission to Cabinet Office's Social Exclusion Unit