Useful information sources for those looking for assistance & for campaigners


Sources of advice & assistance with specific issues

miscellaneous contacts - not necessarily 'tried & tested' by CG - but you may find useful


An interesting UN report on the family - that may have some relevance to family matters

it isn't dated, which is unusual for a professionally produced report, but was downloaded from the UN website at : on 8 Jan 2008.



Press and media contact information for those who wish to write, email, etc.


Media websites around the world (off-site link)


Government & Parliament - (off-site links) such as :

Government Ministers

House of Commons - Index page


Law authorities - (off-site links) such as :

Lord Chancellor's Dept

Law Society

Bar Council

European Court of Human Rights

UN Commissioner for Human Rights


Harrassment law -  information from a dedicated website (off-site link)