National Council for One Parent Families

There is much that can be written about this organisation. It was originally established in the early 1900s to support lone mothers, who were then left unsupported in order to discourage the situation, but has since been taken over by feminists to promote privileges for lone mothers. We provide an indication of their agenda with extracts from leaflets.


Most lone parents are women who have got rid of a husband, using a fabricated divorce petition, and so have deliberately placed themselves into this situation.


Whilst they may originally have been supported by that husband, and offered the husband domestic support in return, as lone parents they simply wish to be supported by the ex-husbsand and the taxpayer, without providing anyone or our society anything in return.


Extracts from their leaflets illustrate their objectives. Note that they say they "don't want special treatment ... [or] handouts", yet in contradiction have a "Maintenance and Money Line", and obtain massive financial support from others.


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Here is an indication of the support which NCOPF has from other bodies.

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Comment : why have so many organisations supported such groups ?