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24 January 2000 BBC2 Counterblast

George McAulay was the celebrity on this Counterblast programme, which generated great interest on this website and in email communication, almost all supportive.


Acknowledgement : The Daily Telegraph, 22 January 2000.

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Some quotes, usually supportive, from emails after the programme :

"I've been recently impressed by the number of  people talking about the issues as mentioned on the BBC2 Program this evening. Until then I thought I was becoming wierd. It didn't stop me from voicing my opinions. I believe if you keep quiet you deserve it. Thanks, I wished I known about you sooner."

"I was very pleased to see the excellent program "No More Mr Nice Guy" featuring George McAulay. I am glad to know that men are finally recognising this serious problem and at last are fighting back. I have a twelve-year old son and I am very concerned about the excessive proportion of female teachers at his school. I am also concerned that girls are now allowed into his scout troop."

"At universty I took a module in feminism, I was quite frankly disgusted with the literature we were made to read - men were portrayed as nothing more than walking sperm banks and surpressors of women. I have had enough of the constant media harrasment of men, when I saw Counter Blast on BBC2 today the biggest surprise was that their was an organisation of men who felt just like me -betrayed.  I look forward to joining your organisation and helping in any way I can."

"I am worried about the collapse of the family and fatherlessness in children."

"Hello.Can you tell me if an Irish (rep) branch or equivalent exists. I have a burning passion for this subject."

"I believe this movement, which has come to my knowledge through programming of 24.1.00 mirrored the thoughts and words of the real masses who have been subdued and abused. At 19 i have not seen it all and done it all, however, I am fully aware and motivated as to what ever challenges the movement may bring. I am with you brother's!!!!!!!! well done."