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The InFighter's Guide to Divorce

Richard Marsden, 2006

ISBN-13 978 0 9551655 0 4

Sundridge Publishing, 5 Sundridge Avenue, Bromley, Kent, BR1 2PU

tel : 0208 460 8787 email :

Order from :


A 'how to do it' for men, to protect your interests. We consider it excellent.





Equality : A Man's Claim

Alan Millard, 2001

Self-published by author :

phone USA 801-776-4766/801-814-2007, or



The leaflet blurb says "a comprehensive stand against feminism, and explains the correlating destruction of our social structure".


Gerry Bissett, of the National Coalition of Free Men, says "A monumental production ! ... well researched and articulated ...".


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A guide to the tender years theory :

A critique of the principle of 'maternal deprivation' used by courts in the United Kingdom to justify contact orders between children and their parents

Kingsley Miller, 2001

Published by even Toddlers Neeed Fathers, 45 Roberts Road, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 5DF

This is a well-researched report which explains the development of the theories used by the judiciary to justify their behaviour in contested children's cases. See website (off-site link).

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What Men Know That Women Don't

Rich Zubaty, 2001

ISBN : paper: 1-58939-039-3   e-book: 1-58939-040-7   CD: 1-58939-041-5

Co-published by and Zubaty publishing.

About this book :

WOMEN: Eavesdrop on the secret codes of masculinity. Discover what makes men tick. Penetrate the brain-fog of masculine thinking. Peel the cerebral onion of guy-hood. Find out how to get your way with your man.

GUYS: Here's a fishing trip down the river of your natural self. A vacation from "relationships." A holiday from all things feminine. A trout stream for your brain, naturally cleansed of "shopping," feminism and other female-borne viruses. A chance to drain the blackened oil from your cerebral engine, and fill it with five clean quarts of good feelings about yourself. Kick off your boots and wiggle your frozen toes on the fireplace of your masculine soul. You'll never be the same again.

"I cannot read Zubaty's books quietly. I find myself hooting, chortling, laughing like a nut, saying, "Wow, he can't say that!!"…(Rich Zubaty) is the most uncivilized guy I know. He's a one-of-a-kind original. Having lived in so many different cultures it's like he's sort of a trans-civil being. A neo-primitive. Like he'll never be tamed. A wild mustang of the psyche. Each of us has our beauty and gift to the world, and Rich Zubaty brings the passion and juiciness of a man truly living life fully.

This book is uncivilized. It's anarchy for the soul. Zubaty says stuff so far beyond impolite it sears your brain. Certain things in it infuriate me so much I want to smash it against the wall. But other parts of it make me stand up and laugh. And yet other parts lift me off on a mental/spiritual moonshot."   -- Bill K.

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Producers: for an interview email or call 808-553-8320

Surviving the Feminization of America

Rich Zubaty, 1993

ISBN 1 882342 04 6, Panther Press, PO Box 974, Tinley Park, Illinois 60477.

From the back cover :

Tired of being manipulated by women ? Want to find out how they do it ? Want to find out how to put an end to it ? AT LAST ! A book that tells you how women think ... How to understand women ... And WHAT WOMEN WANT !

Order from (off-site link) or visit Rich's website - see our non-uk links.

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Tyranny of the Law

John McLean, 1999

ISBN 1 872970 26 5, Winter Production Limited, Oak Walk, Saint Peter, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Deals with the wholesale erosion of our rights and liberties in a number of areas of life, a some of which are applicable to men only. The book is intended to alert those groups interested in each area to the overall picture.

A Critique : Domestic Violence - a health care issue?

(of the BMA report June 1998)

David Yarwood, October 1998

ISBN 0 9532584 2 4, Dewar Research, 'Constables', Windsor Road, Ascot Berks, SL5 7LF, tel & fax 01344 621 167.

A heavy criticism of the methods, conclusions and the one-sided approach taken by the BMA in their report.

The critique was published in Oct - delayed by protracted correspondence with the BMA. But now its here copies are selling fast.

When the BMA released its report ("Domestic Violence - a health care issue?") in June 1998 it was immediately taken as gospel by the Gov't Depts, women's groups and the Domestic Violence Industry generally. However, students of the industry immediately recognised it as pure propaganda. Thereafter the BMA was committed to fighting a rearguard action to protect it integrity. The 12-page Critique is packed with just the crucial information needed to continue that pressure and intimates the real agenda behind the report.

The Critique reveals why the BMA has been under siege form academics and why their report is so hotly contested. Not only is the Critique packed with statistics in a reader-friendly style but highlights and then demolishes the central and crucial figures in the BMA's report.

The Critique brings an external and detached assessment to this contentious issue and calmly contradicts the methodology and conclusions reached. It fills in the facts fortuitously omitted by the BMA's report - a report not undertaken by the BMA but negligently sub-contracted out.

The Critique's author points-up the many shortcomings of superficial "attitudinal" surveys as versus in-depth "longitudinal" and helps us to understand why the BMA choose the former.

Price 2.50 (by cheque or postal order payable to "Dewar Research").

Beyond All Help ?

Dr Malcolm George, QMWC London University, November 1998

ISBN 0 9532584 1 6, Dewar Research, 'Constables', Windsor Road, Ascot Berks, SL5 7LF, tel & fax 01344 621 167.

Serious criticism of the BMA's handling of research work in 'Domestic Violence: a health care issue?' from the BMA, June 1998.

At 44 pages this is a comprehensive rebuttal of the BMA's report. Gathering momentum the paper quietly slices through the BMA's assumptions and conclusions. In keeping with it's American counterpart the BMA is shown as allowing undue latitude for feminists to indulge in their inflammatory tendencies.

The BMA miscalculated the reaction from scientific community if they thought their report would merely add to those already in the public domain. They didn't count on the academic furore their report would induce. The criticality of the report is, of course, that it was composed under the aegis of the BMA. It therefore carries an authority well beyond it BMA membership to a much wider readership.

The reader is taken step by step through the reasons why surveys in the BMA's report tend to show men as the aggressor /perpetrator - because usually women are asked (not men) and because of the type and structure of the question posed can sometimes give a biased impression.

For anyone who wants to get to grips with this intriguing subject this booklet is a "must". Dr. George is a well-known and much respected author of numerous papers and books. Written by someone, who teaches and researches the subject on a daily basis, the reader can be assured of politic-free information and hard evidence conveyed is dispassionate manner.

Price 5.50 (by cheque or postal order payable to "Dewar Research").

The Baring System

Oliver Cyriax, 1996

4 Cardross Street, London, W6 0DR.

Read about the anti-father activities of the Court Welfare Service and the operation of an Area Probation Committee in responding to the subsequent complaints. This is an exposure - the laws of libel prevent us from saying more. It is also an inspiration for those men facing similar hostility, as well as a guide on how to get results.

Article 29 Magna Carta, 15 June 1215 Runnymede

Joe Public aka The Ringer, 1996

Edition 1, 1996, ISBN 0 9528267 0 4, Wotachambells Press, PO Box 1215, Thorrington, Colchester, CO7 8JD.

An almost unbelievable story of one man's lone fight against systematic persecution.

The Hook and The Sting - The Legal Mafia

Ivor Catt, 1996

ISBN 0 906340 09 8, Westfields Press, 121 Westfields, St Albans, AL3 4JR.

An account of the present degenerate system of matrimonial and family law, and the historical processes which have led to this. And the villains are identified. An alternative view, and a serious contender, to the Cheltenham Group's own book on the subject - The Emperor's New Clothes.

Read the cover or the whole book (both off-site links) online now.

The Used Man

Karin Jaeckel, 1999

An interesting new book The Used Man by Karin Jaeckel (off-site link)

The Sex Change Society: Feminised Britain and the Neutered Male

Melanie Phillips, 1999

Published by Social Market Foundation on 1 November 1999, 12.99. Copies can be ordered for 11.99 from The Sunday Times Bookshop on 0870 165 8585.

For an extract, see Women behaving disgracefully under issues.