Men's rights issues in matrimonial and family law

A selection of items and information sources about the issues of concern to men


A synopsis of major Men's Issues



Do you recognise any of these issues in your case ?



Those responsible and others who stand around doing nothing


Name them and shame them - we identify examples of those who, we believe, are responsible for many of the issues of concern to CG.


We describe the representations made by our members, and others, to those who govern us

 i.e. to MPs, Ministers, etc, and the devious responses which they have received to their submissions.



Democracy - what happened to this in the UK ?

- we examine the level of democracy in the UK


The corruption and degeneracy in family law has been addressed by many men. These men have taken clear evidence to their MPs, to the supposedly responsible ministers and other authorities. There has not, at this time (end 2005) been any significant remedy.

We therefore need to examine the level of democracy here in the UK, and show the reality of the situation.

This is a fundamental issue for we folk in the UK to face up to We ask : what happened to democracy ?


To give clear  illustration of the level of service we get from MPs, and hence the level of democracy, we deliberately provide a record of a dialogue between the Cheltenham Group Director, Barry Worrall, and his MP, Jim Cousins (Newcastle Central).

This is an on-going dialogue which you may follow. It was started in Nov 2004, and first posted on this website Nov 2005.

Example of a dialogue between a constituent and his MP, on the constituent's concerns about family law




Where marriage is a dirty word by Patricia Morgan, February 2006

- a terrific synopsis of the UK situation, clearly describing the deliberate destruction of marriage and men's rights in the family


Divorce as Revolution by Stephen Baskerville, Summer 2003

- a marvellous synopsis of the Western World situation



Aware that some Muslim communities have available both Islamic Law and State Law ?

Listen to an extract of an interview of the local/internet radio show Dads on the Air from 22 Jan 2008



Are you aware of the various injustices against men ?


Examples appear regularly in the press each week. You will easily be able to find other examples - if you find one that's worth bringing to our attention, please do that. We've space here only for a few, so we've chosen some glaring examples.

Innocent men don't get protection in court under matrimonial and family law. A regular occurrence.

And here's an example of a woman placed above the law. She killed her husband during marriage difficulties. Despite the fact that she would have complete protection under matrimonial law, in fact would have privileges and priorities that men don't have, she decided to take the law into her own hands and kill her husband. What was the law's reaction to that ? - to let her off ! The article doesn't tell us if she obtained all of her dead husband's assets - she may well have done. The lesson for women - kill him, it's OK. A wife above the criminal law.

Here's an article from a top divorce lawyer. Just occasionally the truth comes out. This lawyer describes the real role of lawyrers, and the encouragement given to women, and the persecution given to men. It raises the question as to how lawyers have been able to get away with it for so long. A top divorce lawyer gives testimony.

False allegations about criminal and matrimonial behaviour are regularly made against men and in large numbers. Here's one story illustrating the situation. A judge suggests one measure to protect men and is immediately attacked by women's groups. False allegations by women.

False rape allegations are well known in the matrimonial area. Here's a single case from the USA (off-site link).

An article from An Phoblacht/Republican News about young male suicides in Ireland.

Are you the real father ? Women who cheat on their husbands.



Representation of men in the press and media - we give some examples


Domestic violence is represented as only by men to women,

when Government and police statistics show it is nearly equal



What is the feminist agenda ? How well organised are their groups ?

Look no further - here are just a few examples.


There is little if anything on these publications and sites which is concerned with our society's well-being. Only women's rights, including those in the family. If they publish such material in the press and on the websites etc, imagine what they say in the privacy of their meetings.


Read Susan Van Scoyoc's 21st Century bill of rights for mothers, it will tell you all about feminist logic.



Are you aware of how women behave after 30 years of 'women's lib' and rampant feminism ?

Below are some examples of women's behaviour.


An extract from The Sex Change Society: Feminised Britain and the Neutered Male by Melanie Phillips.


Women behaving disgracefully


When the mother gets custody of the children the father simply has to accept this, or try an application to the Court of Appeal. But when a father gets custody, women don't accept it. An ex-wife who didn't get custody : first abducts the children, and second has the nerve to demand a 'full inquiry' from the UK Home Secretary.



It's worth considering the real cost of men and fathers. Forget the feminist propaganda, here's some facts.

What's a dad worth ?





Parental Alienation Syndrome - affecting fathers