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Without Authority


by Barry Worrall


Cheltenham Group, 2004 (ebook), 2006 (paperback)


Paperback edition :

ISBN-10 1-900080-09-5 / ISBN-13 978-1-900080-09-5


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ISBN-10 1-900080-08-7 / ISBN-13 978-1-900080-08-8


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Family breakdown : why is this happening ?

Fathers 4 Justice : just misguided loonies ?


- or is family law just part of a larger picture ?

- of subversion of our society ?

- whatever it is, this book gets to the reality.


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Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) has brought to public attention some of the failings of family law. This book takes the next step by exposing the entire degenerate system to public view, and explains, in layman's terms, what is going on, how this situation came about, and who has been responsible.


If you have had a negative experience of the UK's family law regime, this book explains why. If you want to understand why Father 4 Justice exists, this book gives reasons. If you are concerned for the family, and men's rights in the family, this is essential reading.


It is an interesting combination of sketch autobiography, documentary of family law reforms, one man's real-life case history, and his and the men's groups' subsequent responses, with some conjecture on the future.


The book has hyperlinks to supporting Cheltenham Group (CG) reports and evidence on the CG website.


Discrimination Against Men in the UK


UKMM, 1995


32pp, A5 format, hardcopy 3.90, ISBN 1 900616 00 9



A report which identifies and outlines the discriminations against men.

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Restoring the Foundations of Society


UKMM, 1995


18pp, A5 format, hardcopy 3.90



The original UKMM manifesto. Read the rationale for our existence.


While our Mission and Objectives have been revised since this publication, Restoring the Foundations remains an excellent introduction to our rationale.


rfs.jpg (37169 bytes)


Restoring Control

over matrimonial and family law :

ensuring that the people and Parliament have control over law making and policy


Cheltenham Group, Edition 2.0, September 2002


38pp, A4 format, hardcopy 5.00



This is the definitive description of what is wrong and what needs to be done for remedy. There are hyperlinks to other reports which provide the irrefutable evidence. The Cheltenham Group will update this with further editions as the situation changes.



Why not read this report online ?


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The Convention on Family Rights


Cheltenham Group, 1994



This was written in 1994, soon after the Cheltenham Group was formed, to demonstrate that such a convention could be formulated.


We believe that it shows considerable maturity, compared with policies from other men's and father's rights groups, at the time.


Why not read this online now ?



Marriage and Fatherhood :

Important Information for Young Men


Cheltenham Group, 2nd Edition, 1998


66pp, A5 format, hardcopy 7.00, ISBN 1 900080 05 2

diskcopy 2.50, ISBN 1 900080 06 0

(disk format IBM 1.44Mb, file format MS Word7.0)



A layman's guide to the realities of matrimonial and family law. This is a synopsis, in layman's terms, of The Emperor's New Clothes (see below).


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Divorce : The facts you need to know ...

But might not be told by a lawyer


UKMM, 1997


60pp, A5 format, hardcopy 8.50, ISBN 1 900616 05 X



At last, the right advice for men involved in separation and divorce.


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The Emperor's New Clothes :

Divorce Process and Consequence


The Cheltenham Group, 2nd Edition, 1998


350pp, A4 format, hardcopy 26.00, ISBN 1 900080 03 6

diskcopy 5.00, ISBN 1 900080 04 4

(disk format IBM 1.44Mb, file format MS Word7.0)



The definitive report about the corruption and malpractices in matrimonial and family law with :

- 138 case studies in the men's own words

- and statistics based on 346 case studies.


Ignore the government and feminist  propaganda :

- read the reality for yourself

- read about the villians responsible

- read what they say about this report below !


Now online - read this report right now !

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What they say about The Emperor's New Clothes : Divorce Process and Consequence


"… the report would be at the top of every 'fearless campaigning' journalist's list of truly sensational scandals of the second half of the twentieth century to be exposed; …"

Norman Dennis, Formerly Reader in Social Studies,

Guest Fellow in the Department of Religious Studies, University of Newcastle upon Tyne


"I found the whole book very interesting. …                           

                  … I think the story is important and needs to be told."

Dr Ann Buchanan, Lecturer in Applied Social Studies,

Dean of St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford


  For more information read the flyer online now and

read some almost unbelievable yet factual case studies from the annexes



Submission to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights : Violations of Articles 23 & 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) by the United Kingdom (UK)


The Cheltenham Group, 28 April 1999


40pp, A4 format, hardcopy 5.00



A submission which questions the most basic aspects of what constitutes 'marriage' in the UK, and its compatibility with the right to marry given in Article 23. A detailed comparison of men's rights in marriage and cohabitation shows what we always suspected : marriage is damaging for men. Also addresses the degrading treament of men under matrimonial law and the compatibility with rights given under Article 7.


Read the submission online now !

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The NAPO 'Anti-sexism' Policy & Lack of Available Remedies


The Cheltenham Group, 11 June 1998


20pp, A4 format, hardcopy 5.00



Read the account of a major submission to all eight bodies responsible for the corrupt interpretation of the law, and the shocking lack of responsibility by those in authority. Copies of original letters from authorities included.


This report is available as a separate document, and as an annex to The Emperor's New Clothes - see above.


You may read this annex here and now

- read the report online now


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A response to 'Making Contact Work'


The Cheltenham Group, 15 May 2001


12pp, A4 format, hardcopy 5.00



Our response to this consultation exercise by the Lord Chancellor's Dept and their selected 'advisors'.


Our most outspoken report to date - read the report online now

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Do Families Matter ?

A response to the Report 'Family Matters' from the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, 15 July 1998


The Cheltenham Group, 28 September 1998


Hardcopy 5.00



Understand for yourself just how major policy makers ignore the most important issues concerned with the family.  And appreciate how no recent Government has taken any steps to support the family, unless you define 'family' as a woman and her children, and whichever 'partner' she cares to live with from time to time


And why not read the report online now



Are we Supporting Families ?

A response to the Consultation Document 'Supporting Families' from the Ministerial Group on the Family, late 1998


The Cheltenham Group, 8 January 1999


Hardcopy 5.00


Yet again a Government entirely ignores the fundamental issues, and pretends to be doing something about supporting the family by addressing marginal issues. This time the proposals come from a group of ministers. There is not even a definition of 'family' in the proposals, fathers are hardly mentioned, and excluded fathers never mentioned. The proposals are no more than speculative ideas which any layman could have suggested. Our response states the facts.


And why not read the response online now


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