Without Authority by Barry Worrall


Family breakdown : why is this happening ?

 Fathers 4 Justice : just misguided loonies ?

 - or is family law just part of a larger picture ?

 - of subversion of our society ?

 - whatever it is, this book gets to the reality


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Some cover blurb

Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) has brought to public attention some of the failings of family law. This book takes the next step by exposing the entire degenerate system to public view, and explains, in layman's terms, what is going on, how this situation came about, and who has been responsible.


Who is it for ?

If you have had a negative experience of the UK's family law regime, this book explains why. If you want to understand why Father 4 Justice exists, this book gives reasons. If you are concerned for the family, and men's rights in the family, this is essential reading.


How is it styled ?

It is an interesting combination of sketch autobiography, documentary of family law reforms, one man's real-life case history, and his and the men's groups' subsequent responses, with some conjecture on the future.


More than a book

The book has hyperlinks to supporting Cheltenham Group (CG) reports and evidence on the CG website. These are directly available online from the ebook edition.



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Cheltenham Group, 2004 (ebook), 2006 (paperback)


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