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Our rationale

Since the 1960s we have experienced something not previously known. This is the elimination of men's legal rights within the family, in effect the deliberate destruction of legal marriage, coupled with massive state support for lone motherhood.

Our research indicates that over the last 25 years of the 20th Century, in about 100,000 cases per year, honest and decent men have experienced the destruction of their families, entirely against their wishes. They have seen the removal of their children, confiscation of their home and life savings, and forced payments from their future income. History shows that this has happened in increments, largely without public knowledge, and not through any democratic process. From 1948 fathers lost legal control of their children, and from 1973 control of their life savings and future income.

Our research is available in publications, which describe the history and its effects.

The reasons for this are not entirely clear. What we know however is that :

It is not only in the UK but across all of the Western World that these groups have arisen. Look at our links pages, and you'll obtain an appreciation of the scale of this.

Why has this situation come about and remained unchallenged ?

It is clear that men have not yet organised themselves to remedy this situation. We believe the reasons for this include the fact that most of these organisations do not comprehend the fundamental problems which men now face, nor do they understand the political position or measures which will need to be taken to restore men's equitable rights. Also, they have remained fragmented and divided on fundamental issues, and have even fought amongst themselves and even within well known organisations. This indicates that men as a body have not yet learned how to cope with the situation.

Why we were established

CG was established in 1994, at a meeting on a Friday evening at a hotel in Witney, Oxfordshire, continuing on the Saturday at another hotel in Cheltenham. Hence the title Cheltenham Group. Prominent members of a number of father's and men's groups attended. Dr John Campion chaired proceedings and was our first Director.

We were established to counter the deliberate marginalisation of men within the family, which had been created by a combination of campaigns by radical feminists and corrupt activities of our senior judges.

What we are about

Essentially we wish to protect the equitable rights of men in the family

We invite all men and women to help us in the restoration of our decaying society.  As a brief indication of what we are about please refer to our objectives.

What we have achieved

We have maintained a consistent and serious presence. We have studied the situation carefully, conducted a major survey into matrimonial and family law practices, and published the results. We have succeeded in building a modest publications list which outlines the present situation for men and explains some causes and remedies. We are regularly invited on to the media to debate men's issues. We have made representations to responsible authorities for remedy, such as our NAPO 'Anti-sexism' Policy campaign. These representations have usually up until now shown no result.. This lack of results, after perfectly rational and reasonable submissions and supported by evidence, only serves to emphasise the seriousness of the situation. We have studied International Human Rights codes and encouraged and monitored applications to ECHR, Strasbourg. We have made a major submission to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights over violations of the UN's International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and this has been referred to the UK Government. But we are beginning to gain acceptance on Government committees and in lobbying. Unlike some other groups such as Families Need Fathers, we wish to work with other organisations.

Help us now to achieve more

The Cheltenham Group is essentially a campaigning organisation, and we encourage you to assist us in this.

If you are concerned about specific issues, then contact your MP, MEP, national and local press and media, etc, etc, and let them know your feelings.

Please contact us and let us know your views on the issues - visit our 'contact' pages.

It is necessary only for the good man to do nothing for evil to triumph


Attributed (in a number of forms) to

Edmund Burke 1729-97, Irish statesman and orator,

who championed many human rights causes