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Visitors and CG supporters are invited to submit their comments

(preferably constructive) on this website to the webmaster via our contact pages.




Information presented on this site consists of two major categories :


  1. representing the views of The Cheltenham Group (CG), as amended from time to time, by the organisation; these views are given particularly under About the CG including our Mission and Policies, as well as the description of the Background situation; further position statements are made in official Cheltenham Group (CG) publications such as those in The Bookshelf;

  2. other views which are broadly in accord with CG's, but which may not strictly represent the formal policy, such as that under Matrimonial and family issues.

All off-site links, provided for information purposes, may be taken to represent the views and position of other groups or individuals, but not necessarily those of CG.


It is not the intention of CG to breach copyright of other people's work. We have reported and commented on articles in the press and media where such articles illustrate the issues of concern to CG. If an individual or organisation considers that we have breached copyright, they should contact us.


Nor is it the intention of CG to denigrate innocent individuals. If any such individual finds an article denigrates their character, they only have to request amendment or removal of that article.


Such requests for amendment or removal of articles will normally be processed within a few weeks.


To request amendments please contact the webmaster via our contact pages.




I, BARRY PETER WORRALL, hereby assert and give notice of my right under section 77 of the (United Kingdom's) Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of all materials, texts, reports, books, etc, (inclusive of those reports, books, etc, which have been separately published, in hardcopy, disk, etc formats, as Cheltenham Group works) on this website (, with the exception of those articles and parts of articles which are explicitly acknowledged as quotations, letters, emails, newspaper articles, images, etc, of other authors.


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