men's rights in our society

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These are civil rights of fundamental importance

- for men's lives - for your life - and for our society.


If you agree, then support us.


This is NOT :

- politically correct, any party policy, or the BBC News

Read here :

- things the government doesn't want you to know


- the truth, especially about family law

  - about subversion of our society from within


- DO NOT VOTE for the major parties, as they DO NOT represent decent men such as yourself

- DO NOT FIGHT in the armed forces to protect this country, as this country does not protect you.

FAMILY LAW : we explain how, and why, innocent men in the UK are having their lives wrecked, by unscrupulous women, and by a system of matrimonial and family law, which is corrupt, has degenerate principles instead of ethical principles, and is out of control of any responsible authority.


We invite you to explore the situation and our rationale, and to appreciate the issues.



SOCIETY : the degeneracy in our society : we question whether we have decadence or a deliberate subversion programme from within. This programme is by communist ideologists, who want 'change' , i.e. to foment revolution. They're thinking big - over the entire world. That's why they're active in the UN. They dominate the UK, so are starting here, with ourselves. That's why you see so much destruction of our society going on at speed. Our government are using our money, raised through taxes and borrowings, to subvert our society.


Here we list the subversion techniques in this major attack on our society.




Watch here for more information.


Further stuff on family law



Further stuff on society


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Family breakdown : why is this happening ? Fathers 4 Justice : just misguided loonies ?


- or is family law just part of a larger picture ?

- of subversion of our society ?

- whatever it is, this book gets to the reality.


Fathers 4 Justice has brought to public attention some of the failings of family law. This book takes the next step by exposing the entire degenerate system, explaining, in layman's terms : - what is going on, how this situation came about, and who has been responsible.


More than a book, the ebook edition has hyperlinks to online Cheltenham Group reports and evidence.


It is currently available in paperback & ebook editions. See The Bookshelf or the book's own web pages (launches new window).


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Subversion of our society - it's happening, really


- this book explains, in the style of a rant

- not for the faint hearted.


We have a clear subversion campaign, fomented by a cartel of communists, feminists,

 and probably a number of other 'ists', to numerous to mention.


It is currently available in ebook edition. See the book's own web pages (launches new window).


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DICTATORSHIP OR FREEDOM - which do you prefer ?


Many folk are asking what has happened to our society, our democracy ?

In the last few decades, we've witnessed a revolution. It has involved 'political correctness', a technique of 'cultural Marxism', a control campaign which is designed to engineer our society. Jumping on the bandwagon have been communists, feminists, and various other 'ists' who suddenly realised they could 'change' society to their benefit, and our deficit.


Amongst the serious issues are : globalisation, starting with the EU, a vast taxation system leading to benefit dependency, laws changed to encourage family breakdown, other laws designed to intimidate and to crush dissent and anyone who raises an objection to what is going on, control of the school curriculum to indoctrinate the next generation, dumbing-down of the syllabus, and control of the media to disseminate a culture based on emotions rather than objective thought. This is a programme of control and subversion.


Examples of the control being applied over we ordinary folk



ALTERNATIVE GOVERNMENT ? - we ask "what is going on at Common Purpose ?"


It's worth starting with the video that has alerted many folk to the goings on at a 'leadership development organisation' called Common Purpose : see and follow the link for the video & other info.


It'll open your eyes !


If you know about the inner working of Common Purpose, or the international equivalent called Ashoka



DEMOCRACY ! - we ask "what is left in the UK ?"


Men and fathers first started to describe the problems in family law some decades ago, lets say in 1974 when Families Need Fathers (FNF) was set up. There has been no resolution at all, in fact the situation for fathers has become far worse since that time. We therefore question the level of democracy that exists in the UK. To illustrate this, we ask an MP to deal with the obvious problems. We post the correspondence with him on this website for you to follow.


Follow the dialogue between a constituent and his MP, on the constituent's concerns about family law



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If you are in agreement with us, why not join our associated group, the UK Men's Movement ? This organisation supports and campaigns for men's rights across all issues which affect men's lives adversely. It provides nationwide network of like-minded men, as well as being involved in direct campaigning activities. Complete the enquiry form, and we'll pass your details on.


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